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 Dragon Vs Wolf

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PostSubject: Dragon Vs Wolf   Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:01 am

Dragons have come and everything is going wrong! The dragons are taking over and the wolves arent happy...Choose which side youre on...

Spetial invites:
Ika(you can be Noka or Ika)

You can be really what ever you want...Stats needed to explain character:



Age:20 in human
Species:Water Dragon
Appearance:Youll see later
Details:A bsilver crystal on a bracerthat is attached to her left front foot
Bio:Sherrah is an outgoing extremely aggresive water dragon who was abbandoned and is taking a big risk of going on land and making a friend ...or mabey an enemy...
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Vs Wolf   Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:29 am

Name: Ika
Age: Technically over 100 years of age, but 2 years old.
Gender: Male
Species: Darkness Dragolf
Side: Wolves
Appearance: Ika is black with two blue scars over each eye, he also has blue stripes on his muzzle, all his ankles and tail. he has three "tiger" stripes on his belly. He's a dragolf. A wolf/Dragon. He also wears a cloth necklace with a dark purple crystal on the end. He's about four feet tall to the shoulder, with his wings out-stretched, about nine feet. He is also blind.
Details: None.
Bio: A long time ago, there was only a small pack of Dragolves, then the Dragons attacked it. All of them died except for Ika and his Father, Tosainai. Tosainai is a Dragon-Wolf, not a dragolf. He has the ability to shift into either one. Tosainai wanted to harness Ika's power for evil, since Ika is a Darkness Dragolf. Ika refused, and ran off, away from his father. He then met a dragon named Eon, and soon fell in love, but another wolf came along, Silver. Eon's destiny was with him, but her father, also evil, wanted her with Ika, because he knew Ika's father. Tosainai, who was tracking
Ika the whole time, took control of him, and forced him to attack Eon and Silver. Soon afterwards Ika disappeared, not to be seen for a few more years. He met a human, named TBP and befriended him, soon meeting an Ancient Dragon, named Ragnarok (That name is copyrighted so don't use it. If anyone is caught using it, I will tell the owner of the name >:O )

"Remedies of birds and rabbits and squirrels echoed throughout the silent forest. A pool of water seemed to laugh in triumph as it spilled over the edges of the small rocks surrounding it's shore. Insects buzzed by, as if eager to explore everything this small forest had to offer. The peaceful silence was soon broken by the sound of padding paws, followed by the barking and howling of wolves following a small leopard like it was they're prey."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Vs Wolf   Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:32 pm


"Mirage... I..." He searched for the words in his head. Now that he started, he HAD to tell her. He then looked into her eyes. "Mirage... I... I love you.."

~ Exploring Warriors COMING SOON
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Vs Wolf   

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Dragon Vs Wolf
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