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 Alley Cats

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PostSubject: Alley Cats   Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:12 pm

Any Cat is possible to be, A Neat cat, a messy cat, a teeny cat, an enormous cat you name it! Another posibility is being a cat that has a home , not an alley cat. You choose . A supris is in here as well. A pound keeper (I will be him)!This RP Will be filled with fun- loving and hallarious adventures!

Stats needed:

Rank:(Top cat, follower,loner)

Heres mine:

Rank:Top cat
Appearance:Dark and Light orange,striped,pink nose,deathly sharp claws
Deatails:A Chain is dragging around his nec ,easier for the pound to cath em...
Bio:As a kitten, bronko was orphaned .A pair of rottis killed his parrents and brother but luckily missed him. Ever since hes been a loner until a gang was made. He soon reached the top notch and now is top Cat. All junk cats listen to him.
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Alley Cats
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